Free timesheet template – make your staff rota now

by Rotageek on 29 June 2022

Planning your weekly or monthly employee shift schedule can be time-consuming. But the slowest and most head-scratchy part? It must be the initial setup.

That’s the stage where you’re still figuring it all out. Searching for the best system to make a staff rota that works and is fair to your staff. And hoping, wishing someone would make it all easier for you.

Well, you’re in luck.

Here at Rotageek we’ve already spent a lot of time – and we mean a lot – figuring out the best way to do work rotas. And we’re all about sharing our knowledge with you.

So, we’re offering you our free work scheduling template!

We hope you’ll find our staff rostering template useful. And if you do? Then, when you find you need to plan your rotas more efficiently, we hope you’ll consider our AI-powered Autocheduling software.

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What you can do with your template

After you’ve downloaded your employee schedule template, open it up and start using all the useful formulae we’ve built in.

  • Schedule employee shifts to meet your labour demands
  • Track working hours to help you manage payroll and stay within Working Time Regulations
  • Customise your rota with selectable employee names and shift names and times
  • Easily communicate schedules with a rota that’s ready to print or share online
  • Get the hang of staff scheduling quickly with guidance notes in the template

Download your free staff rota template here.

When you outgrow your free rota template

A manual rota template will only be beneficial when your scheduling is simple - few employees, few locations and simple HR processes. 

But as your business grows, and you have a bigger workforce to manage with more complex scheduling requirements, you might find a template approach to staff scheduling stops being effective, and rota software becomes more beneficial.

You’ll know you’ve reached that point when you no longer have enough time to do rotas by hand, you're making payroll errors, or you're under or over staffing. The cost to your business – in terms of management time and problems cause by manual errors – is simply too much.

An automated solution like Rotageek is the answer. With Rotageek you benefit from:

  • Automate your rotas with artificial intelligence that reduces scheduling admin by up to 80%
  • Increase your profitability with up to 8% labour savings and a 1% increase in sales for each 4% better labour match
  • Support better employee retention with a 4+ point improvement in employee fairness sentiment

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