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Time is precious - so let our time tracking app manage it efficiently in the cloud.

Accurately recording and remunerating time and attendance can be (ironically) time consuming. Without a digital solution, managers are often faced with duplication of effort, reliance on manual data checks and are open to abuse when it comes to clocking in and out. 

A time and attendance solution used alongside digital scheduling supports managers to create rotas with confidence, and protects your employees’ sensitive personal data too. Using geolocation, geofencing or photo ID on our mobile app, or biometric devices on site, staff can clock in and out with ease, with verification steps to avoid conflict or confusion. 

Managers maintain a real-time view of who’s on shift at any location, and approving timesheets in accordance with schedules is secure and quick.

Time Tracking

Simplified timetracking.

Clocking in and out is done by the employee via the connivence of their mobile app. This means managers have live updates of who’s on shift, who’s running late, and who’s on break. This also means employers can ensure employees take the right breaks and are not overworked.


Error-free time & attendance.

Eradicate shift logging on spreadsheets and associated errors like underpaying, overpaying or non-compliance with our timesheet software. Be confident that all employees are paid at the right rate(s), without laborious HR checks or eyeballing multiple payslips. And with rounding rules set by your organisation you can simplify complex calculations to expedite approved timesheets to payroll. Variances and deviations to the schedule are highlighted and notified to managers for manual checks, but the rest is taken care of.


Speedy timesheet creation.

Timesheets can be created in a matter of clicks and are generated directly from the schedules you have published. For the employee, clocking in and out is automatically reflected on their digital timesheet, with no need to request or chase a signatory. For the manager, timesheets are visible in real-time and organised in one place, saving hours on T&A-related admin.

Time Attendance

Secure time & attendance.

Like all Rotageek solutions, our T&A feature is robust and secure to protect your organisation and your people. Our enterprise-grade security and systems are GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified. Created directly from the schedules you produce,  timesheets are subject to a two-stage approval process, avoiding time theft, mistakes or falsified hours. Secure transfer to payroll via API, FTP or exported as a CSV avoids security risks posed by sending email attachments, texting screenshots or handling paper timesheets.

Time Tracking Made Simple

Mobile Clocking In & Out
Mobile Clocking In & Out
Ensure compliant clocking in/out from shifts and breaks with geo-location, geo-fencing and photo capture options in our app. Set a defined radius that employees can clock in/out from and pinpoint their exact location. By uploading a selfie from their smartphone or web portal, managers can check they are in uniform and not ‘buddy punching’.
Biometric Clocking In & Out
Biometric Clocking In & Out
Clocking in and out using the Rotageek time card app is accurate and secure. But for an extra peace of mind, our clock devices can also be installed in your locations. With options for fobs, thumbprints, ID cards and facial recognition devices, you can be extra certain your employee is on time for their shift. Our time and attendance software is also tech agnostic so we can integrate into any existing devices you already have.
The Timesheets tab provides a clear overview of the timesheets that are ready for approval. Any timesheet that requires action, for example if there are deviations from your schedule, will be clearly highlighted for managers to intervene. A robust two-stage approval process ensures that only verified timesheets are exported or transferred to payroll.
Bulk approval
Bulk approval
To save time and avoid bureaucracy, managers can bulk approve timesheets by employee, day, or all that are showing as outstanding. Notes and comments can be added to individual timesheets to pre-empt queries from the payroll team.
Payroll integration
Payroll integration
Timesheets that have passed the two-stage verification process can be transferred to your payroll platform via FTP or via a live API. Alternatively, data can be exported as a report in CSV format and uploaded. It’s whatever works best for you. 

Our enterprise-grade security and systems are GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified. Timesheets are subject to a two-stage approval process, avoiding time theft, mistakes or falsified hours/pay. 

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