Gwyneth, Geeks & Goop - NRF2020

Jason Steuber

Our quick bite out of the big apple: a brief recap of the largest retail expo in the world from Jason Steuber, Head of Sales here at Rotageek.


With an incredible turnout of over 40,000 people - Rotageek were able to immerse ourselves completely in all that is retail; where the National Retail Federation turned NYC into the city of retail dreams!

We met with incredible vendors who, like Rotageek, aim to improve the entire retail experience, not only for their end-consumers, but also for their employees. We engaged in conversations with some of the worlds largest retailers, listening and learning everything we could about their experiences, successes, obstacles, ideas – particularly where they saw themselves in the decade to come; and how Rotageek could help them get there.

Digital technology and software were frequently discussed during the expo in both keynotes and workshops, with a strong focus on streamlining processes, maximising productivity and incorporating the latest and greatest tech into the realm of retail. Even the CEO of Microsoft centred his keynote around the emerging importance of digital technology, and boy, was it good!

Aside from Microsoft, the event saw thought-leaders from big names such as Starbucks and Walmart as well as the minds behind brands like Ocado, Stitch Fix and Beyond Meat - share their visions on stage. It was equal parts thought-provoking and inspiring – as brands big and small shared their stories and ideas of the past, present and for the future.

A personal highlight was seeing Gwyneth Paltrow up close and personal, discussing her lifestyle brand ‘Goop’ and the journey of growing a weekly newsletter from the comfort of her kitchen to a successful lifestyle platform that is today valued at over $250 Million.

Paltrow spoke candidly about how her celebrity status both helped and hindered her throughout the evolution of Goop, and that she is consistently pushing the boundaries with the topics that Goop covers. Although some subjects that Goop has featured have been labelled as controversial, Paltrow is keen to challenge the status-quo around a lot of typically taboo themes in order to better understand and encourage conversations. Paltrow closed out the event with thoughtfulness and humour, which was the perfect end to a brilliant expo by NRF.

Job well done NRF, we can’t wait until next year NYC!