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Make scheduling as engaging as your business

Happy team members boost service levels, loyalty and visitors. Our online workforce management solution digitises your scheduling to make sure you have the right staff on shift to meet the seasonality and peak times of your visitors. Effortlessly create rotas aligned to your pre-defined rules, and ensure all shifts are covered with the right staff. Only certain employees can work the rollercoasters, man casino tables or operate the popcorn stand? We've got you covered. 

Empower your dynamic workforce to own their schedule, clock in and out on time, and digitally manage core tasks including shift swaps, leave and time and attendance. Intuitive and flexible, changes can be requested and approved on-the-go through our user-friendly app. 

Advanced Autoscheduling and Forecasting options optimise rotas months ahead for thousands of seasonal and permanent staff. Minimise the queues and give your visitors a day to remember. 

The scheduling solution of choice for leading entertainment and leisure organisations...

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“Before Rotageek, we had multiple spreadsheets we had to keep updated. We had to put a lot of formulas in to find out who was working on what days. My favourite thing about RotaGeek is basically how easy everything is”
Merlin Entertainments Group
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