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Create perfect rotas for your workforce to meet fluctuating demand.


Schedule your high-flying workforce

Rotageek’s digital workforce management solution is not just supporting the high street and healthcare. If your business has fluctuating customer, patient or visitor demand and you need to schedule staff accordingly - we can help.

Align skills and availability to get the job done, keeping track of labour spend every minute. Whether your teams are out on the road, on-site or hybrid working, maintain a real-time view of your schedule including who’s clocked in and who’s picked up an available shift.

Go beyond spreadsheets with smart labour alignment. Using AI, Rotageek’s autoscheduling and forecasting tools overlay historic data with trends to predict your future staffing needs. Provide a service that delivers on its promises, with the right people in the right place at the right time.

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“Home-buyers come to Habito to access mortgage advice online, often late into the evenings or on weekends from their own home. Fair, flexible and easy shift scheduling is really important to be able to deliver our award-winning service at key times of the day or week. We’re looking forward to enjoying the benefits that Rotageek’s platform can bring.”
Cassie Stephens - VP Operations at Habito
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Supporting schedule to demand

If you have fluctuating customer demand and need to schedule your workforce to meet it, Rotageek is your perfect partner.

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