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Whether your business is part of a chain or independently run, Rotageek’s digital workforce management solution maintains your competitive edge. Reduce labour bills, turnover and paperwork and look forward to optimised rotas that forecast labour demand for you.

 As the UK’s third largest private sector employer, hospitality engages millions of workers expecting a modern and flexible experience. Attract and retain top talent with our intuitive mobile app that empowers employees to drop/swap shifts, self-serve HR and clock in/out for shifts and breaks. Rotageek reduces schedule-related admin by up to an impressive 80%, freeing up managers to prioritise value-added tasks and service levels.

Make scheduling a welcome task, not a chore. Maintain a first-class consumer experience by optimising alignment of labour to demand and paying your staff accurately, on time.

The scheduling solution of choice for leading hospitality organisations...

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“Rotageek allows our General Managers in shops to plan their staff rotas more precisely, with greater insight into what skill sets they need on the floor during busy periods. This allows our GMs and their teams to focus on delivering great service to our customers.”
Mark Corney - Global Operations Development, Pret A Manger
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From coffee shops to hotel chains, Rotageek supplies first-class scheduling.

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