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Rotas that improve productivity, profitability & happiness.

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Improve rota match to forecast demand

By up to 27% by using a data-driven ai-led approach.


Increase store conversion & basket size

Getting the right people in the right place at the right time does yield results!


Drive higher customer net promoter score
5%-10% increase in NPS through better optimised deployment.


Empower staff to input into rotas

Availability, preferences, swaps, drops and extra shifts. Schedule collaboratively.

The Rotageek difference

Just a few of the benefits of working with Rotageek and our partners.

  • We don't apply old answers to long-standing problems. We invent solutions to genuinely improve users’ lives.
  • We put team before ego, and our greater purpose before a closed deal.
  • We believe our customers are our partners and so are their employees. We work tirelessly to earn and keep their trust.
  • We believe in integration & interoperability is the future for technology deployment.