Rostering in Care Homes, post Covid-19


The care home landscape and recovering from Covid-19

One of the industries most profoundly impacted by Covid-19 was care homes, which found themselves isolated, understaffed, and struggling to keep residents safe, particularly during those early, uncertain days.

Returning to full force to care for our nation’s elderly does not just mean increasing distance between residents and stocking up on hand disinfectant. A paradigm shift is necessary in how rostering caregivers is done in order to ensure maximum efficiency of care, flexibility for the team when the unexpected occurs, and keeping top staff members invested in the company with a fair scheduling system that values their work-life balance as an essential part of their commitment to the company.

In this report we explore: 


  • The landscape of care home rostering in light of COVID-19.
  • Best practices and ways to improve your rostering in the future.
  • Survey results of managers, rota makers and employees on how scheduling effects not only end results, but also the staff morale, retention and happiness.

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