How technology can support the NHS People Plan

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Since 1948, the National Health Service has cared for millions of lives across the UK. Yet in 2020, the NHS experienced their most challenging year yet.

In response to this now - and for the future - the NHS People Plan was published; an outline of what the future holds for the wellbeing of our healthcare workers. The plan acts as a continuation of the drive shown by NHS employees during COVID-19 and endeavours to foster a culture of growth, inclusion, belonging and fundamentally, a well looked after workforce.

In this report, we look at how technology can support the delivery of the NHS People Plan including:

  • What are the key pillars of the NHS People Plan?

  • How technology can support the delivery of the NHS People Plan?

  • What are the digital solutions that could revolutionise how we care for our healthcare workers.

  • What has been the impact of Covid-19 on the healthcare industry and its people.

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