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Implementing your perfect healthcare rostering partner: A practical case study

Join this webinar to: 

  • Discover how a perfectly matched rostering solution can help meet your trust's wider objectives
  • Understand how to start your search for your perfect rostering partner whilst also meeting NHS guidelines 
  • Hear from a London NHS Trust on how they approached implementing a new rostering solution

If you’re involved in healthcare rostering we know you’re already aware of the benefits of a slick, integrated and modern digital rostering solution to manage your workforce. But if you’re thinking of moving from your disparate, outdated legacy system to a complete workforce management ecosystem solution, you’d be forgiven for putting this project on the back burner. From the masses of data that will need to be transferred, to the integration with other ESR and HCM solutions, it’s tempting to sit back and keep things as they are. 

But the long term benefits of a modern digital rostering solution far outweigh the initial implementation work - especially with the right rostering partner. 

So how do healthcare organisations begin their journey to updating their e-rostering solution?

In this webinar, we’ll be joined by a London NHS Trust to share a practical case study on: 

  • The business case they developed to bring on board a new rostering partner
  • How they approached their search for the right rostering partner
  • The strategies they implemented to manage the change internally
  • How they onboarded and deployed a new rostering solution to their staff 
  • What results they had with a better matched rostering solution

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