Retail HR Teams and Technology


How has technology evolved since Covid-19 for retail HR teams?

Covid-19 has triggered decades of evolution - a rapid acceleration of automated technology has impacted the retail industry, spotlighting how HR teams must adapt to attract, grow and retain employees. At a glance this white paper delves into topics such as:

  • Emerging from the pandemic, employees are looking for more flexibility within their work environment

  • Retailers must now work harder to retain their talent due to increased competition from more forward thinking companies that have been employee-centric across the pandemic

  • Employers need to focus more on flexibility, engagement, training and development, and wellbeing measures to keep their talent and drive growth as a retailer

  • Technology utilisation and deployment has quickly advanced - how can retail keep up?

  • How can automated workforce management solve the retail staffing crisis by better managing both employees and businesses complex needs?


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