Digital Scheduling & Workforce Management to optimise your efficiency and increase your bottom line.


What is Rotageek? Put simply, we provide an app based scheduling tool that helps you plan labour to customer demand more efficiently. We give you the power to create schedules simply and broadcast them to your employees via the Rotageek app.

With predefined rules based on labour laws and your business strategy, we’ll help you create the perfect schedule every time. And with the added ability for employees to book leave, time and attendance tracking and integrations into HR & Payroll software, we make your HR admin a breeze. 

Our solutions range from intuitive digital schedules, to AI optimised rotas based on your customer demand. Learn more about them below.

Digital Scheduling

Switch to fully cloud–based workforce rota and scheduling software, that’s simple and smart. With intuitive drag and drop functionality, users can build schedules that meet business rules, contractual obligations and take into account user preferences.

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One click, a million combinations – Automatically create optimised schedules and rotas in seconds. Driven by AI, we'll create the best possible schedule, taking into account the needs of your business and the staff that are available.

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Using data points like footfall, historical transactions and key events and seasons, we'll forecast your customer demand and therefore the workforce labour needed to optimise labour costs and provide a great customer experience.

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