Digital Scheduling & Workforce Management to optimise your efficiency and increase your bottom line.


What is Rotageek? Put simply, we provide an app based scheduling tool that helps you plan labour to customer demand more efficiently. We give you the power to create schedules simply and broadcast them to your employees via the Rotageek app.

With predefined rules based on labour laws and your business strategy, we’ll help you create the perfect schedule every time. And with the added ability for employees to book leave, time and attendance tracking and integrations into HR & Payroll software, we make your HR admin a breeze. 

Our solutions range from intuitive digital schedules, to AI optimised rotas based on your customer demand. Learn more about them below.

Digital Scheduling +Auto Scheduling +Forecasting

Cloud-based scheduling that's digitalised and simplified

Create perfectly optimised schedules at the click of a button

Data-driven AI that predicts fluctuating labour demand and more

Digital Scheduling Cloud-based scheduling that's digitalised and simplified +Auto Scheduling Create perfectly optimised schedules at the click of a button +Forecasting Data-driven AI that predicts fluctuating labour demand and more
Real time management dashboard
Multi-week view of the schedule
Store-by-store and merged schedule views
Create, edit, drag & drop, copy and delete shifts
Configure predefined shifts for easy scheduling
Create and apply recurring shift patterns
Copy schedules week-to-week
Activities within shifts linked to skills
Multi-activity assignment within a shift
Timed, untimed, paid and unpaid breaks within your company policy
Bulk delete shifts by employee over any date range
Legal compliance analyser
Business rule analyser
Fairness analyser
Create, broadcast and assign vacant shifts to employees at my and nearby stores
Dynamic schedule costing
Complete audit trail of any changes made to the schedule
15-minute intraday demand graph at store or activity level
Display forecasted and actual sales
Display sales-to-labour metrics (e.g productivity, % cost of sales)
Display labour budgets in currency or hours and show variance
Multi-language interface
Leave management
Annual leave accruals in hours or days
Leave approval hierarchy
Time off in lieu management
Black-out dates & max off restrictions
Absence document storage
Auto-approval of leave within rules
Time & attendance
Clocking via employee mobile app
Clocking via web on your chosen in-store device(s)
Clocking via 3rd party timeclock solution supported
Self-identify reason for clocking outside grace period
Geo-locating at time of clocking
Geo-fencing at time of clocking
Photo-capture at time of clocking
Audit and validate hours worked versus scheduled
Bulk approve timesheet entries
Bespoke paycodes for easy syncing with payroll solutions
Paycode allocation based on labour laws and company policies
Unique rounding rules applied for early and late clock ins and outs
Shift costing to home location or worked location
Multi-step approval process
Approved timesheet payroll export
Labour fit to customer demand
Shift creation method
Payroll code breakdown by employee or location
Absence & leave reporting
Bespoke dashboards & reports
Send messages to one, some or all staff
Receive messages directly to the employee mobile app
Mobile app
Available on iOS and Android
View my schedule and shift details
View my team's schedule and shift details
Swap shifts with others with the right skills and availabilty
Drop shifts and broadcast to others with the right skills and availabilty
Management or auto-approval of compliant swaps
Self-service availability and shift preferences
Employee notifications via push notification and email
Multi-language interface
Mobile calendar sync
Integration & access management
HR solution integration
Payroll solution integration
BI warehouse integration
Communication platform integration
Appointment booking integration
Task checklist integration
Applicant tracking system integration
Other integrations via public APIs or flat file via SFTP
Single Sign On (SSO) supported
In app and web chat with our Customer Support team
Strategic business reviews with your dedicated Customer Success Manager
24/7/365 infrastructure and IT monitoring & SLAs
Schedule optimisation
1-click schedule creation for 1 or more weeks
Auto-adherence to targets, minimum and maximum staffing levels by activity
Auto-adherence to labour budgets
Auto-adherence to employee contract obligations
Auto-adherence to legal requirements
Company fairness principles taken into account during auto-creation
Employee working preferences taken into account during auto-creation
Timed break placement optimisation
Auto-create vacant shifts if unable to meet demand
Demand prediction
Demand forecasts by task using AI / machine learning algorithms
Demand forecasting using sales, transactions, orders or any timestamped data
Holiday and special event tagging
Bottom-up forecasting which applies labour standards
Top-down forecasting to apply labour budget most effectively

Digital Scheduling

Switch to fully cloud–based workforce rota and scheduling software, that’s simple and smart. With intuitive drag and drop functionality, users can build schedules that meet business rules, contractual obligations and take into account user preferences.

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One click, a million combinations – Automatically create optimised schedules and rotas in seconds. Driven by AI, we'll create the best possible schedule, taking into account the needs of your business and the staff that are available.

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Using data points like footfall, historical transactions and key events and seasons, we'll forecast your customer demand and therefore the workforce labour needed to optimise labour costs and provide a great customer experience.

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