Auto Scheduling.

One click, a million combinations – An automatic scheduling solution that optimises staff rotas in seconds.

Take your workforce management solution to the next level with Auto Scheduling. Our Digital Scheduling solution is a game-changer - but is your schedule as optimised as it can be for both your workforce and your organisation?

Auto Scheduler, our algorithm-based and AI driven solution, schedules your labour at the click of a button. Used by some of the world’s leading businesses, it builds on the features of our Digital Scheduling solution, to automate and optimise rotas in around 30 seconds.

Auto Scheduler satisfies staffing needs for each setting or location by analysing hundreds of variables including staff skills, availability, preferences, fairness and pre-defined rules. And you can approve and share the final version instantly with employees via the Rotageek app.

With AI and automation at its heart, Auto Scheduler stands apart from competitors in its ability to create and assign every shift and break, eradicating gaps and create stress free workforce management, all at the click of a button.


Unique to your workforce.

Auto Scheduler optimises staff schedules to provide a unique workforce solution for your organisation and people. By feeding in your rules and needs, the final optimised schedule reflects ever-changing variables including staffing levels, budgets, internal policies and fairness. Never create a manual schedule or rota again and be assured your automated schedule adheres to complex and regulatory factors, considering individual staff preferences too. Look forward to a 25% improvement in shift-demand accuracy without painful spreadsheet formulas.


Your schedule,your way.

Auto Scheduler analyses multiple variables and potential schedules are scored on their suitability. The optimal rota is presented as a draft, with a fit-to-demand score as a percentage.

Set the minimum and maximum staffing levels to meet service objectives, take into account seasonal peaks and trends, and ensure the right staff with the right skill sets are assigned to the shifts. Whether you need a short-term or long-term shift plan, you can create optimised rotas a week in advance, or a year ahead.

Before your optimised schedule is published, Auto Scheduler checks parameters and flags any issues to be aware of, keeping you in control and providing reassurance, so you can confidently sharing your schedule with employees.


Fast, optimised rotas.

Enjoy fast and accurate rostering - Rotageek’s pioneering workforce automated algorithm reduces schedule-related admin from hours per day to just minutes, freeing up you and your employees to focus on value-added tasks to continually improve your workforce management. Create and share optimised rotas in a click, with the flexibility to edit as needed with the same drag and drop functionality as our Digital Scheduling solution too. Not only does automated scheduling save time on rota creation, it means you won’t need to double or triple check data or face the headache of filling gaps.


Results driven scheduling.

Auto Scheduler drives measurable financial, reputational and loyalty results that matter to your organisation. Besides the huge time-saving benefits, our customers tell us they save on labour spend through optimised scheduling, as the right people with the right skills are on shift in every location. As a result, the customer experience or care provision improves, boosting NPS (net promoter score). Employees are also inclined to feel heard and become loyal staff when fairness rules are adhered to and a work-life balance respected.

How it works

Autoscheduler truly optimises schedules by creating and assigning shifts in tandem, generating millions of combinations of schedules and only proposing a final schedule where every shift is assigned to an employee.

Feed in your business rules and data to create a truly optimised schedule ready to share within seconds.


“Autoscheduling provides our teams a much fairer way to plan their rotas, they achieve a better match to customer demand across the week, ensure coverage of necessary skills, and they also save time while doing it compared to using a spreadsheet file.”

Diana Gulinescu - Retail Experience Manager, Sephora Middle East

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