Workforce Management Integrations.

Create a best of breedworkforce management solution with seamless, secure and smart integration with Rotageek.


Rotageek is even more powerful when data is exchanged with third-party solutions such as HCM, payroll, business intelligence and healthcare software. Integration with complementary solutions enables a seamless experience for your entire workforce, from the IT team to the leadership team.

All-in-one workforce management solutions on the market sound impressive but you’ll often be left without a best of breed solution that meets all your needs, or be agile enough to evolve with your organisation. We’re scheduling geeks so we love to create outstanding workforce management processes for organisations, and have the expertise, technology and flexibility to integrate with your existing solutions to make it happen. 

We’re on a mission to liberate siloed data, so we ensure real-time data flows securely across systems, to save you time and effort and provide rich insight.

Some of our integration partners...

How we make integration simple

Using APIs, webhooks or SFTP data transfers, Rotageek has flexible integration options to connect with other cutting-edge and legacy solutions (depending on the requirements and integration capabilities of the other solution). It really is your way - and we may even be able to show you a better way.
Our integration geeks have years of experience consulting, mapping and project managing integrations between HCM, payroll, ERP and healthcare systems. We’ll minimise the time and effort required from your side to get all solutions connected and provide award-winning customer support too.
Best of Breed.
We are already established partners with major enterprise solutions like Sage, IRIS, Locum’s Nest, ADP, Oracle and SAP, demonstrating the pedigree experience you can expect. We’ll explore partnering with the enterprise solutions pertinent to your business if they’re not already on board. 
Sector Wide.
Our revolutionary solution is already shaking up traditional scheduling in retail, healthcare, hospitality and entertainment, leisure and services. From human capital management (HCM) to payroll, from footfall counting to patient administration systems (PAS), we’ll recommend the most valuable solutions to connect to.

Integration Features

Rotageek’s methodology is tried and tested as well as flexible. Our integration leads will work with you to define your requirements, understand which solution will master each data point and define the user journey that best fits your organisation.
HR / HCM integration
HR / HCM integration
Integrating HR with Rotageek allows data attached to each employee (e.g. outstanding leave allowance) to flow seamlessly and securely. Ensuring schedule creations reflect things like an individual’s skillset and preferences. The integration is seamless and efficient, as is the user experience. 
Payroll integration
Payroll integration
Payroll integration ensures critical data is transferred securely from the point of timesheet approval so that each employee’s pay is accurate, on-time and reflects tax rules, benefits etc. 
Labour demand solutions
Labour demand solutions
Rotageek can integrate footfall or transaction data for a venue or location, generating rich operational intelligence. Create even smarter schedules and improve labour to demand alignment by up to 25% compared to traditional methods with our forecasting solution.
Bank & agency solutions
Bank & agency solutions
Eradicate the time-consuming headache of manually filling gaps in healthcare or other staff schedules. When you integrate Rotageek with bank and agency solutions, such as Locum’s Nest, gaps or vacancies are automatically offered to and filled by qualified workers. The updated schedule is then shared digitally with all relevant people.
Task management solutions
Task management solutions
Integrating Rotageek with a third-party task management solution underpins sustainable project management and decision-making. Know who’s available when (at what cost), what talent and skills you can call upon and ensure balanced workloads and fairness.

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