A beautiful partnership: Rotageek & Sephora Middle East

by Rotageek on 7 January 2021

Sephora, one of the world’s leading beauty chains, has chosen Rotageek to revolutionise their staff scheduling across a host of countries in the Middle East. With a focus on data-driven scheduling at the flagship beauty destination outlets, the roll-out will support Sephora in creating fair schedules for around 1,000 staff members across 75 stores.

It’s with these employees in mind, that a pioneering staff scheduling solution like Rotageek could make all the difference. By automatically taking customer footfall data from RetailNext, creating customer demand forecasts and matching this to staff skills, availability and preferences, the product will drastically improve the efficiency & productivity of the management teams, freeing them up for higher-value work!

Sephora’s staff contingent will also benefit from an industry-leading mobile app - available in English, Arabic, Italian and French - where they’ll have full visibility of their schedules, receive critical communications, and submit their leave requests, all with major positive effects on employee engagement.

After a successful trial in early 2020, the Rotageek solution will now roll out to 75 stores across the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar, with Saudi Arabia added in 2021.

Andreea Ciocan, Retail Operations Manager at Sephora Middle East, said “thanks to Rotageek, planning the right number of people with the right skills and at the right time is no longer complicated and time consuming. The perfect integration with our HR & footfall traffic counting systems allows us now to build effective schedules for our retail teams in a matter of minutes. That’s an amazing win and a major step forward in making the business operations more efficient and productive".

About Rotageek

Rotageek is a data-driven workforce management solution creating staff schedules using cloud-based technology to effectively manage and engage employees. More than just digital scheduling, Rotageek uses machine learning algorithms to create millions of shift possibilities in seconds, to deliver a perfectly optimised schedule that meets business rules, legal requirements and fairness principles.

The brainchild of Chris McCullough, alongside co-founders Roy Pounder and Nick Mann, the solution was first built to support scheduling within hospitals. McCullough, previously an A&E doctor, wanted to find a way to overcome the inflexible rotas of British hospitals, developing a cloud-based solution to support better scheduling for busy employees.

Today Rotageek is used by leading businesses and organisations including Gap, O2, Pret a Manger and the NHS.


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