The best rota software companies – how to compare top providers

by Rotageek on 24 May 2022

Is creating staff rotas and rosters on your list of tasks at work? Then switching to a rota software solution could save you – and your business – a lot of time and money.

How does a rostering program that costs you money, save you money? Well, the list of advantages that automation brings is longer than you might have realised. So long as you choose the best rota software for your needs, you could benefit from:

  • Faster and easier scheduling – so you have more time for high-value tasks
  • Solutions to common rota problems – like getting schedules right, filling empty shifts, absence management, and making it easier to communicate schedules and handle changes
  • Greater profitability – with reduced scheduling costs, better labour-demand matching, and more productive teams

The question, then, isn’t whether or not to use a software solution but rather which is the best rostering software for you.

Let’s take a look at what to look for when comparing rota software companies and providers, to help you get maximum value from your investment.

Choose proven value – not vague claims

Let’s go straight to the bottom line. A good rostering software solution is going to cost you something, right? Then you need to make sure it’ll deliver a strong return on investment (ROI), and fast.

We’re assuming you aren’t looking for a “nice-to-have” solution. You want something that makes real business sense.

The problem is that, while every rota software’s website will claim to give you efficiency, simplicity and ROI, not every company can truly deliver.

So, ignore vague claims and look for the actual proof points.

For example, Rotageek is proven to deliver value in the shape of:

  • Labour spend savings of up to 8%
  • Up to 80% less scheduling-related admin
  • Up to 25% better labour-to-demand matching
  • At least a 4-point improvement in employee fairness sentiment

We hope you’ll put us on your shortlist.

Choose a company that supports you

It’s all very well to have a great rota software solution. But we all know that any software solution can go wrong sometimes, whether it’s due to a computer hardware problem, or a gap in user knowledge, or some previously-unknown bug in the system.

Who’s going to help you when you have a technical problem? That’s a question you should ask seriously of every rostering software company you talk to.

If your solution is pure software – i.e., there’s no people-powered support team – then at some point, you will find yourself unable to create the rotas you need.

At Rotageek, we understand the value of talking to real people. Our award-winning support includes live chat you can access from the Rotageek mobile app, a dedicated support site, and other self-service tools.

Choose a solution that makes your life easier – and see it in action first

Software can make your life easier. But not all software actually makes your life easier. Know what we’re saying?

We’ve all used tools that promised more than they delivered. Apps that proved more frustrating than freeing. Programs that made us want to throw the flipping computer through the window.

One way to get a hint about the quality of a solution’s user experience is to find out which other companies trust that solution. Rotageek is used by Sephora, Lola's Cupcakes, O2, Pret a Manger, and other leaders in their fields.

An even better way is to get a demo. At Rotageek, we love to show off our intuitive tools with no-obligation demonstrations. In fact, you can set one up right now by clicking “Speak to a geek” on our website!

If a provider isn’t ready and willing to show what they can offer hands-on, are they really the best rota software company for you?

Can we help with your next bit of research?

Our last piece of advice is to do much research as you can on each rota software company on your shortlist. Ideally, you want to find the right long-term partner first time. Having to switch providers 12 months down the line could be costly and time-consuming.

We have a whole section on learning 'resources' at Below, we’ve linked a couple of the best ones for businesses comparing rostering software – we hope you find them useful.

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