Our Autoscheduler is a highly customisable, data-driven algorithm
that optimises staff schedules at the click of a button. 
Using machine learning algorithms, the Rotageek Autoscheduler checks through millions of shift possibilities to find an optimal schedule in a matter of seconds. We factor in fit to demand, availability and work preferences, as well as your business-specific constraints, fairness rules and legal requirements. The end result is a schedule that works for you and your team. 

With this tool, you can:
Schedule employees
Manage gaps
Manage and track time and attendance
Manage Leave
Review shift swaps
Map, manage and view availability
View reports 
Employees can:
View who they are working with
Take on additional shifts
Swap shifts
Manage annual leave
Check in & out of their shifts 
Mark their availability 
Submit preferred working times

How does it work?


Our Autoscheduler automatically creates schedules using a number of algorithms to do so. Scheduling tools roster people’s working lives, so it’s really important to consider the impact of them on work-life balance. At Rotageek, we’re determined to create technology that is helpful and fair, and works towards improving people’s lives. This is why we spend a lot of time thinking about fairness, what this means, and how we can achieve it in an automated way. 

Fairness means different things to different people - that’s why it’s a complicated task to achieve it. While we have certain fairness constraints embedded into the Autoscheduler by default, we  also work closely with businesses to create rule-based scheduling that finds the best balance between businesses and their people’s needs. 

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Improving communication

At Rotageek, we believe that better communication is vital to scheduling. That’s why our rotas are live, interactive, and available on every-day devices. Every user is given a platform where they can instantly view, edit, or request to amend their working hours. This has a significant impact on work-life balance, enabling your employees to have more access and ownership over how their hours are allocated (in line with business needs). 

What's the difference between Digital Scheduling and Autoscheduling?

In short, Digital Scheduling does not automatically create a rota. Autoscheduling does. Digital Scheduling has all the functionalities of Autoscheduling apart from the forecasting capability and automated rota creation. Autoscheduling is the most advanced form of employee scheduling, and helps maximise time-saving, business efficiency, and employee wellbeing.