Optimise your employee scheduling process – 4 really easy steps with Rotageek

by Rotageek on 15 July 2022

There are almost too many reasons to work on optimising your employee shift scheduling process.

Maybe you’re sick of wrestling with a spreadsheet. Maybe you’re overspending on labour or finding yourself short-staffed. Perhaps you want to save time on things like planning, communicating with employees, or compliance.

It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from. It doesn’t matter how many different reasons you have. Our guide here can help you improve every aspect of your shift scheduling process – and it can do it in four easy steps.

How come it’s so easy? Because we’re going to be using Rotageek, the AI-powered, auto-scheduling solution that optimises virtually every shift planning task you’ll ever need to do.

Ready to leave scheduling woes and wage waste behind? Let’s get underway.

1. Switch to automatic staff scheduling

You know how your current employee scheduling process relies on tedious paperwork? Let’s start by getting rid of that altogether.

Rotageek’s rota software automates your rotas and schedules. You don’t need to create them by hand anymore. You save time – which you can use to do something more valuable – and your schedules are more accurate and better optimised to boot.

Here’s how the switchover works in practice:

  1. Your rota geeks walk you through the initial setup and show you how to use your new tools.
  2. When you need a new schedule, you create it in a few clicks.
  3. That’s it.

About as optimal as it gets, right? Of course, there’s more to scheduling than producing the first version of your schedule, so let’s move on to the next step.

2. Bring staff engagement into the app era

How do you publish your staff schedules at the moment – pinboard, email, a WhatsApp group, word of mouth?

Well, what if there was a dedicated mobile app that everyone in your company could use for things like:

  • Publishing and receiving schedules
  • Requesting leave and shift changes
  • Reporting absence
  • Finding cover for a shift gap

A smart mobile app is what you get with Rotageek, and it’s secured and personalised for your business.

Your staff are informed and alerted about schedules and other important news. They have a reliable channel for communicating with you, so they feel more engaged. And you have the ultimate flexibility to manage and communicate about schedules whenever, and wherever you want. It’s quite a mobile upgrade, we hope you’ll agree.


3. Make rotas more effective by tapping into your data

Is your goal to not only make employee scheduling easier, but better too? Taking a data-driven approach is the way to do it, and Rotageek makes it effortless to do so.

A data-driven approach is helpful because:

  • You can plan more-accurate schedules based on data-based predictions about your future labour needs. Improving labour-to-demand matching is proven to optimise your costs and improve customer experiences.
  • You can power helpful digital services like matching available employees to empty shifts and sending them an electronic request to fill that shift… all via the handy mobile app we already mentioned. Services like these are built in to Rotageek.
  • It enhances reporting on important metrics like absence, labour forecasts, and financial matters, which help you make better decisions and better schedules.

Simply by using Rotageek day to day, you’ll build an ever-richer dataset that can tell you everything you need to know about scheduling. Rotageek analyses the data for you and delivers the insights in powerful reports.


4. Reduce your staff and management costs

This last step is how Rotageek delivers fast ROI and before long, pays for itself.

Thanks to the data-driven optimisations and automations in our first three steps, Rotageek is proven to deliver:

  • Better profitability – with up to 8% labour spend savings and a 1% increase in sales for each 4% better labour match
  • Improved productivity – with up to 80% less scheduling-related admin
  • Happier employees – thanks to engagement tools that can reduce staff turnover and which boosts employee fairness sentiment by at least 4 points

We think that adds up to truly optimal employee scheduling, and we hope you’ll give it a try.


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