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What ROI can we prove in a business case?


If you've landed on this page, we're assuming your thinking of changing scheduling providers or implementing a solution for the first time.   

There are plenty of motivators to consider a better workforce management solution - reducing admin time, solving understaffing issues, better employee experience...the list goes on.

However, we understand that the cost of change and the costs you'll save, are the vital metrics you'll need to support the case.

So we'll calculate £ figures against the key ROI metrics your business will want to know when considering switching solutions, or investing in one for the first time. 


We've proved our ROI to retail customers like...

No input required from you!

We'll use available data and assumptions to provide your ROI figures. We recently created a business case for a well known retail brand on the high street with 5000 employees, and these were the savings we calculated:

Cost of time saved using Rotageek =  £616,772

Revenue increase matching staffing to customer demand = £478,590

Reduction in overtime or agency use = £517,440

Improved efficiency due to staff-workload matching = £1,035,090

Reduction in unplanned absences = £2,155,482

Reduction in staff turnover = £765,350

Total = £5,568,724 


Lush's ROI with Rotageek...

  • A decrease in their staff costs by 8% in one quarter alone, representing a saving of millions of pounds across the year

  • A 16% increase in productivity, accounting for an extra £83K worth of sales in one month alone, representing nearly £1m in extra sales across a year

  • Digital scheduling delivered within a month, meaning optimised rotas are created in 30 seconds vs 2-3 hours of manual process previously

Request a personalised business case

No input needed from you. We'll use available data and industry assumptions to calculate the ROI in your personalised business case. Just simply let us know some basic details...

What is Rotageek?


Put simply, we provide an app based scheduling tool that helps you plan labour to customer demand more efficiently. We give you the power to create schedules simply and broadcast them to your employees via the Rotageek app.

With predefined rules based on labour laws and your business strategy, we’ll help you create the perfect schedule every time. And with the added ability for employees to book leave, time and attendance tracking and integrations into HR & Payroll software, we make your HR admin a breeze.