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How has technology evolved since Covid-19 for retail IT teams?

Covid-19 has triggered decades of evolution - a rapid acceleration of automated technology has impacted the retail industry, spotlighting how IT teams must embrace new solutions and infrastructures to elevate the entire customer shopping experience. At a glance this white paper delves into topics such as:

  • Permanent fluctuation in demand, shopping habits and purchasing trends, particularly with the rise of e-commerce.

  • A boom in cybercrime has also put increasing pressures on retailers to protect customer data through strong intelligent security technology.

  • The need for cloud-based technology ecosystems that cater for a newly complex retail operation model, and can manage severe dips and peaks to customer demand.

  • How, through automated workforce management technology, retailers can perfectly predict labour demand in line with changing forecasting patterns, saving businesses the financial repercussions of over or under staffing.

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