Rethinking Doctor Rostering

Mastering digital change whilst engaging a flexible workforce

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What's it about?

  • Understand the benefits of digital transformation in your NHS Trust, amidst Covid recovery efforts
  • Learn how to manage change whilst embarking on digital transformation
  • Understand why Doctor rostering is the place to start a digital transformation journey
  • Make sense of the guidance published by the NHS
  • Learn how to keep your workforce engaged during this change

There’s been plenty of guidance recently published around accelerating digital transformation in the NHS. With a ‘What Good Looks Like’ drawn up in late last year, the commitment in the NHS Long Term Plan (LTP) in the deployment of electronic rosters, and most recently the publication of the 2022/23 Operational Planning Guidance in which digital transformation features predominantly.

Whilst NHS digital transformation isn't a new initiative, what the guidance lacks is how to put this into practice - resulting in convoluted technology ecosystems. And more importantly, where and how should NHS Trusts can start implementing digital change, whilst also balancing a flexible workforce and patient care in turbulent times.

We believe doctor rostering is the starting point - one of the most convoluted digital landscapes, as separate solutions are historically being used for different types of doctors. With a digital transformation initiative in this area, trusts can truly start to roster more effectively, easily redeploy doctors to meet staff shortages, and engage their flexible workforce.

But the landscape is far wider than that - optimised doctor rostering can transform patient care, keep trusts compliant and be more financially efficient, meeting not just digital transformation objectives, but wider objectives set out for NHS Trusts.

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