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Industry insights covering workforce management, productivity and employee engagement.

Catering to employee preferences through automatic scheduling

As the UK’s leading provider of automatic scheduling software, we are often tackled with the challenge of delivering a solution that caters for all walks of life. In this blog, Rotageek’s Head of Data Science, Dan Chamberlain, discusses how innovations in technology can cater to self rostering, generating a fairer, more optimised set of rules than human schedulers. TL;DR? You can now listen to the blog post ⬇️ here: Rotageek · Rotageek: Catering to employee preferences through automatic scheduling

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Reward vs Penalty - The Rise of Time and Attendance Tracking

Time and attendance tracking is a common practice. For businesses that rely on contractors and shift workers, ...

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Best medical podcasts for med students

Listening to podcasts is no longer a trend. Grabbing even just ten minutes to tune out of the real world is ...

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How staff scheduling benefits franchise management

Workforce management (WFM) technology and staff scheduling solutions have been around for a long time. But ...

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How will the NHS adapt to flexible working?

For many businesses, flexibility was already a key consideration before the pandemic. In 2019, 8.7 million ...

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Interoperability in healthcare - improving doctor and patient care

Digitising the healthcare system has been a continuously evolving issue. Connecting fragmented information ...

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Man vs machine – who schedules staff better?

It’s become one of the more tired tropes in technology, an almost ‘age old’ question in what is still a ...

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Happy doctors, happy patients - supporting our healthcare workers

The happiness of your staff has a direct effect on your customers no matter your industry. Whether you’re a ...

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Auto Staff Scheduling Software | Guide to Employee Scheduling 2021

Staff scheduling is often a time consuming and difficult job for most organisations. The perfect balance of ...

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