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Industry insights covering workforce management, productivity and employee engagement.

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Talking Workforce Management In A Post-Covid World

Should retailers be automating employee scheduling? What are the benefits? And how does this change in a post-Covid-19 landscape?

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How Retailers Can Grow In-Store Sales in 2021 | Rotageek

Online booking system Appointedd’s poll indicated that 46.7% of consumers don’t think they will return to ...

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Rotas, productivity and leadership with Jennifer Handley at LUSH Handmade Cosmetics

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Retail Ops Guide - How Technology Has Evolved Since Covid-19

The retail industry has been faced with ongoing changing conditions since the start of the pandemic. Store ...

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Retail IT Guide - How Technology Has Evolved Since Covid-19

The retail industry has never been more competitive. In light of the pandemic, physical stores remain ...

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Your Complete Checklist For Choosing Employee Scheduling Software

When it comes to scheduling their employees, no business is the same. Even companies in the same industry ...

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What To Consider Before Implementing A Workforce Management System

Workforce management systems are quickly becoming one of the most adopted forms of business technology. From ...

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What is employee scheduling software?

In 2021, creating an employee rota no longer needs to be a manual task. Thanks to data-driven technology and ...

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How to better support shift workers as retail, leisure and hospitality businesses reopen

After a traumatising year of ongoing uncertainty, the retail, leisure and hospitality industry will soon once ...

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