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In Conversation with Oliver Banks - The Future of U.K. Retail

This week Rotageek talks to Oliver Banks, a leading retail consultant who specialises in delivering effective transformation programmes for large retailers. With the future of retail an uncertain sight, Banks shares how retailers can adapt to change, transform quickly and overcome the devastating effects of Covid-19.

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Supporting deskless workers in a Covid-19 world

Flexible working has become one of the top buzzwords of 2020. Whether guiding a transition to remote working, ...

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Getting the retail industry off life support following Covid-19

How can we revive the retail industry following the pandemic? And can we take inspiration from how the NHS ...

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Reward vs Penalty - The Rise of Time and Attendance Tracking

Time and attendance tracking is a common practice. For businesses that rely on contractors and shift workers, ...

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How staff scheduling benefits franchise management

Workforce management (WFM) technology has been around for a long time. But only recently, with the rise of ...

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Customer Experience in Retail | How to drive CX in 2020

There’s no doubt that the retail industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. With reduced footfall and ...

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How to take the in-store experience to the next level and brands who did it

Long gone are the days of a simple pop in and purchase. Up and down the high street, brick and mortar stores ...

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The top apps and platforms that are innovating retail technology

Retail technology has come a long way since the days of cash registers and handwritten receipts. In today’s ...

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The UK’s most productive retailers of 2020

2020 had already begun with a relatively bleak outlook for British retailers: Brexit, rising costs, ...

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