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Industry insights covering workforce management, productivity and employee engagement.

Man vs machine – who schedules staff better?

It’s become one of the more tired tropes in technology, an almost ‘age old’ question in what is still a relatively new field: are artificial intelligence, machine learning and algorithms ‘better’ than the natural intuition found in humans? The debate rages on across the board and, in cases like the Harvard Business Review’s test around hiring practices, sometimes instincts outweigh algorithms. In short, sometimes machines don’t know best.

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Happy doctors, happy patients - supporting our healthcare workers

The happiness of your staff has a direct effect on your customers no matter your industry. Whether you’re a ...

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Your 5 minute guide to automatic shift scheduling software

Staff scheduling is often a time consuming and difficult job for most organisations. The perfect balance of ...

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How to take the in-store experience to the next level and brands who did it

Long gone are the days of a simple pop in and purchase. Up and down the high street, brick and mortar stores ...

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Your employee well-being checklist - improving retention

Employee well-being is an ongoing hot topic. No more is it just a box to be ticked - companies have begun to ...

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The top apps and platforms that are innovating retail technology

Retail technology has come a long way since the days of cash registers and handwritten receipts. In today’s ...

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Top Productive Retailers in the UK in 2021 | Online and In-store

The last year had already begun with a relatively bleak outlook for British retailers: Brexit, rising costs, ...

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The Biggest Healthcare Trends in 2021 | Digital Transformation

Social distancing, virtual doctors’ appointments and data scientists predicting disease. What do these three, ...

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From spreadsheets to autoscheduling: How Gap revolutionised the retail experience by ditching rotas

Can computers really beat humans at rota building? And, more importantly, what’s the effect on employee and ...

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