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From spreadsheets to autoscheduling: How Gap revolutionised the retail experience by ditching rotas

Can computers really beat humans at rota building? And, more importantly, what’s the effect on employee and customer experience if they do? These were just some of the topics on the virtual table at Retail Transformation Live, a specialist retail conference bringing together some of Europe’s leading voices on retail and digital transformation.  In a panel session chaired by angel investor, Nick Pendleton, discussion centred around how Gap, one of the world’s leading clothing retailers, went about replacing their old-school Excel rota templates with an automated scheduling solution. Marcus Davidson, Senior Operations Manager at Gap and Rotageek’s Chief Product Officer, David Payne, and Head of Data Science, Daniel Chamberlain went through the transformative journey that took Gap from spreadsheets to autoscheduling.  Rotageek and Gap: Retail Rota Scheduling

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