How can Rotageek help?
Our data-driven workforce management solution leaves you to focus on the bigger picture.

Optimised Schedules

By better allocating staff, Rotageek helps reduce overtime costs and agency costs. Scheduling related admin time is reduced by 50-80%, leaving staff free to spend more time focusing on patients. 

By creating demand forecasts, Rotageek can help departments predict how many patients they can expect per day - leading to better schedules and resource allocation.

Our scheduling tools helps you select the skills and seniority needed to cover specific shifts, ensuring you always have the people you need to look after patients. 

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Engage & Empower Teams

Rotageek helps you provide your team members with a better work-life balance, through enabling flexibility and giving employees more ownership over their hours. Our interactive schedules help staff fit work around their lives. 

Using Rotageek, you can ensure your locations are never over or under-staffed. Teams are empowered to focus on their jobs and deliver outstanding service - every day.

Rotageek & Healthcare

Rotageek was born in healthcare - our co-founder, Chris, was an A&E doctor. We know, first hand, just how complex healthcare scheduling is. We also know that great scheduling and perfect patient care go hand in hand. That's why we've spent years perfecting our algorithms, our interface, and our product to deliver accurate, sustainable and data-driven schedules. 

Whilst optimising your staff scheduling, Rotageek captures information which allows your central and management team to make better, data-informed decisions. For example, over and understaffing is often unnoticed until these hours hit payroll - by which time the cost has already been incurred. This significantly helps reduce tiring overtime and expensive agency costs. 

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