How can Rotageek help?

Our data-driven workforce management solution leaves you to focus on the bigger picture.

Save Time

Rotageek reduces scheduling related admin time by 50-80%, leaving staff free to spend time on customer facing tasks. Having everything in one place and updated in real-time will significantly reduce the amount of time taken up by tasks such as payroll queries.  

By better allocating staff, Rotageek helps reduce overtime costs equivalent to 0.5% to 1% of labour spend.


Boost Sales

Rotageek helps you ensure your customers receive outstanding in-store service at all times.

Avoid lengthy queues, unserviced clients and walk-outs by always accurately staffing your shops in-line with forecasted demand.

Perfect experiences in-store lead to long term customer loyalty.

Engage & Empower Teams

Rotageek helps you provide your staff with a better work-life balance, through enabling flexibility and giving employees more ownership over their hours. Using Rotageek, you can ensure your shops are never over or under-staffed. Teams are empowered to focus on their jobs and deliver outstanding service - every day.

Some retailers see an annual staff turnover rate of nearly 100%. By giving employees a chance to input into and interact with schedules, overall engagement improves.


Rotageek & Retail

Rotageek enables you to perfectly meet demand, in the most time-saving and productive way possible. All while improving your employee engagement levels and significantly benefitting your business. 

Whilst optimising your staff scheduling, Rotageek captures information, which allows your central and management team to make better, data-informed decisions based on data that may otherwise not be used. For examples, over and under staffing is often unnoticed until these hours hit payroll - by which time the cost has already been incurred. 

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