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Our scheduling tool either automatically generates rotas, or helps you build them out (depending on if you’re using Autoscheduling or Digital Scheduling). You can schedule as far in advance as required.


Our Autoscheduler creates an optimal rota for your team members within seconds. The software takes into account availability and preference of your team members, necessary skill set and mix, business forecasts, and fairness - creating the mathematically most appropriate rota possible. 

All rotas created by the Autoscheduler are compliant with any rules that your business must follow.

Digital Scheduling

The scheduling tool within our Digital Scheduler helps you build out schedules, either manually or using templates. We work with customers to create business-specific rule-based scheduling. This means that you can safely create your rotas without running the risk of non-compliance - the app will always alert if you if you a breaching a legal, business, or availability rule. 

Skill based scheduling allows for you to schedule your teams based on the skills you need in-store at any given time. 


The first step to best-in-class scheduling is a good understanding of demand. Accurate forecasting is core to any reliable workforce management solution. 

Our forecasting tool predicts multiple types of demand for each use case. Every different type of demand - for example, transactional data and footfall data - will be linked to the scheduling of one or more types of employees - for example, till workers and shop-floor employees. Footfall might drive the staffing of shop-floor employees, while transactions drives the staffing of till workers.The model is broken down into as little as 10 minute increments, giving you a really granular view on your forecasts per location.

Our forecasting tool is used both in Digital Scheduling and Autoscheduling. 

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Absence Management

Our absence management feature deducts from pre-set annual leave balances that are incorporated into each user’s profile. A set of validations and warnings can be set up to ensure that you have enough cover in-store at any given point. The function also highlights your overall leave-liability, ensuring that you never get to the end of year owing unsustainable amounts of annual leave. Employees can directly request leave on their app.

Approved leave requests automatically appear on the scheduler, meaning that you’ll never accidentally schedule a team member that’s not available. 


Integrations are key for data-driven scheduling. Tech needs to be connected and data needs to flow seamlessly across the business. This is why our platform directly exports data to payroll via timesheets. We also have the ability to integrate with other third-party software on a case by case 

We integrate with major enterprise HR and payroll systems like Oracle, SAP and ADP and our intuitive APIs allow you to go further and create custom integrations to get data in and out of Rotageek.


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Great staff management systems shouldn’t just schedule - they should empower your business to improve the bigger picture. Our reporting tool allows you to view all the data captured by our system. This function allows you to create customised reports for budget adherence, scheduling metrics, payroll, time and attendance, absence, and annual leave. 


Our solution is rule-based, meaning it will never schedule outside of permitted parameters. All the schedules we produce match whichever legal or business regulations your organisation must comply with, be it budget, hourly, skill-based, fairness, contractual, or EWTD Working Time Directive). 



Schedule Gaps

Rotageek allows you to view schedules and find cover from nearby locations and clusters. You can allocate employees across multiple locations and ensure this is charged to the correct cost centre. This function also enables you to send out requests for cover based on skills or position via email and push notification, for single and multiple locations. 


Swaps Management

Employees can swap shifts on Rotageek, subject to the approval of their managers. Requests for swaps are sent out to all team members via push notification, and managers can view responses and approve requests.


Payroll & Timesheets

The Timesheets function on our app integrates directly with payroll. All validations within Timesheets can be customised, meaning that you can set your own rules for different payroll levels. 


At Rotageek, trust is our number one value. Large enterprises entrust us with the data of thousands of employees - and it’s our priority to keep this safe. Secure systems are the backdrop to anything we develop. We’re fully GDPR compliant, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified.

We Promise to: 

  • Implement computer, physical and procedural safeguards to protect the security and confidentiality of the data we protect
  • To limit the personal data collected to the minimum required
  • To permit only properly trained, authorised employees to access personal data
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