Digital scheduling
Data driven scheduling

Digital scheduling

Rotageek uses complex data-driven technology to help businesses predict and meet demand.



We don’t schedule using simple drag-and-drop tools. Our scheduler is an intelligent and highly elaborate tool designed to empower anyone interacting with staff planning - reducing scheduling admin time by 50-80%.

The Scheduler

Our Scheduler is our linchpin. It allows shift-planners to create, edit and deploy rotas, giving an insight into all information needed to create a schedule; from budget through to footfall predictions and contractual agreements on employee hours.

Filling Gaps

Gaps are some of the biggest struggles that outdated scheduling processes struggle to solve. Our gaps management system lets staff members express interest in whatever gaps shift-planners announce. Simply cover request, notification and problem solved.


Time & attendance

Clock-in / Clock-out

Every business likes to handle time and attendance in their own way. This is why we have a range of check-in and check-out solutions able to suit different company needs, from in-app mobile check-ins (with the option of geofencing) through to tablet interfaces that use facial recognition or PIN logins.


Shift cancellations, overtime hours and shift swaps are never planned. Rotageek’s Timesheet is integrated with the Scheduler and Time & Attendance features, so we automatically report on what was scheduled and what was recorded in-store. We also support seamless export to a host of Payroll solutions directly from Timesheets.


Advanced features

These features can be incorporated into our scheduler, giving employees more ownership of their hours whilst still enabling a clear oversight and easy management for shift-planners and head office.


Staff can request leave directly from their web or mobile apps, and managers have a dedicated feature to easily administrate their leave requests and records. We have implementing a First-Come-First-Serve functionality, and figures on leave years, accrual and balances are all monitored.

Shift Swaps

We’ve made it quick and easy for staff members to swap shifts between each other. Employees can request to shift swaps, which managers then process. The schedule is automatically updated to reflect any changes - simple, user-friendly, and always up-to-date.

Availability mapping

We’re really passionate about creating schedules that work for businesses as well as people. With Rotageek staff can input their fixed availability templates for each week as well as ongoing availability preferences.


Employee web & mobile applications

We’ve put a lot of work into achieving a best-in-class user experience and regularly get feedback directly from our users. This means that although the Scheduler works on a complex web of data, it’s still easy to use for staff, head office and store managers - on mobile, tablet and PC.

Put your data to work

We transform your data into demand forecasts and automatically generate accurate, data-driven rotas at the click of a button.


Demand forecasting

We predict business demands using personalised algorithms that use your historical transaction, footfall or booking data. We use the power of Machine Learning to find patterns that otherwise would go unnoticed to provide best in class predictions.


Staffing demand

We build a model of your unique situation and determine how many team members you need for each timeslot throughout the day. We employ advanced methodology, to provide optimal solutions, such as genetic algorithms that adapt to the changing conditions of your business and workforce.



We determine the best shifts to match your target staffing levels and allocate staff based on your organisation’s rules and restrictions. With one click, a technically complex but visually simple schedule is sent to the whole team by email and mobile app notifications. Users, managers and head office are given maximum oversight on who is working, when, and where. The result is: Employee scheduling that benefits both staff and business.

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