With Rotageek, Dune achieved more visibility across their estate. Better scheduling also helped improve customer experience.

Dune started using Rotageek Scheduling Solution for Retailers in 2016, scheduling 1,500 employees.


Below, Dune's Head of Retail, Cheryl Lee, and Head of IT Service Delivery, Dave Abbott, talk about their experiences with our solution. 
The challenge
Cheryl: “Following our 2009 acquisition of the Shoe Studio brand portfolio, our estate had tripled in size. At this point, each store was using its own way to schedule teams. This meant that there was very little consistency - and particularly in a time of significant growth, this needed to change. Without a consistent way of doing things, our estate visibility was really limited. This meant that planning ahead was an unnecessarily complex task. 
We speak about Delivering the Dune Experience - particularly in the context of customer service. But really, this needed to translate into all our back office operations to help us better deliver an employee experience.”
Why Rotageek?
Dave: “We chose Rotageek for a number of reasons. Firstly, we wanted to work with a business that was small enough & personal enough, to really listen to our problems. We didn’t want to be “just another retail account” to a large Human Capital Management enterprise. 
On a related note, Rotageek is a really agile company - and that translates to how they develop their tech and make client-specific configurations. We chose Rotageek because we felt that we would be included right from the point of product development, meaning that the solution we get is exactly what we need. 
And finally, because of all of the different ways we were using to schedule, it would have been impossible for us to go directly from our current scheduling solutions to fully automated rostering. Rotageek’s Digital Scheduling solution was the perfect next step for us.” 
The solution
Dave: “The engagement  process included a really in-depth discovery during which the Rotageek team worked with us to come up with the best possible configuration of Rotageek for us. We also worked with Rotageek to build a custom commissions feature for the product, which actually helped us improve our entire commissions process to create something that worked better for us and our teams. 
After that first stage of product configuration, we rolled out across the entire estate in 2 months. 
Today, our team members across our own stores and concessions use Rotageek. Overall it’s really helped us improve schedule related admin time and communication - whatever rota is visible to employees is always the most up to date version. And from a head office point of view, we have so much more visibility on how we staff at Dune.”
Cheryl: “The solution has also helped us reinvest time into the shop floor. Before Rotageek, our managers would spend too much time each week writing and editing rotas. If you consider that managers are your most trained and experiences team members, with the strongest connection to your brand, you really do want these people on your shop floor talking to customers. It doesn’t make sense for them to be stuck in the back office writing up mathematically complex admin. Since we have Rotageek, our customer experience has improved as our best trained team members are much more available. ”
Anything you would do differently?
Cheryl: “We gave our teams too much time to fully start using Rotageek. Really, the more you limit adoption time the more focused store teams and area managers will be in making sure it happens. If we were to do this again, we’d give teams a couple of weeks - not a couple of months - to get to full adoption.”